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 Bulwer Town Road Upgrade  R2.9 million  06/05/2014  05/12/2014  Andile Nduku, Project Manager (061)4072751
 Long Meadow Complex (Surveying)  R350 000-00  02/07/2014  17/11/2014  Tinash Chawira, Site Manager (078) 8458125
 DUT Steve Biko Campus  R250 000-00  23/11/2014  24/02/2015  Prakash, Site Manager (083) 4402953
 PWC Office Park-Concrete works (WBHO)  R280 000-00  27/02/2015  30/04/2015  Mark Jones, Site Manager (083) 6269620
 RDP Housing Project - Building (Sakhephi)  R6.2 million  12/01/2015  Stopped work No payment  Siboniso Mzila, Director (072) 8470490
 Building Project - Housing  R350 000-00  25/01/2016  Current  Nobuhle Ndlovu (083) 4280269

Water is essential for the survival of all forms of life and is our most precious natural resource. Humans use water for everything from consumption and sanitation to transportation, food production, and recreation.

Public roads, private roads, motorways and roundabouts. We have experience in all types of road construction.

The built environment relies heavily on structures that range from high-rise buildings and bridges, to the streets where our communities live and work.

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About Green ACRE

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The project team at Green ACRE thrives on challenging projects of unique character, offering a full range of construction and civil engineering services. With its proven track record and dedication to excellence, Green ACRE supports every project – from smaller scale to large, complex projects with outstanding leadership and commitment.


Client Base

Our clients first, always...

Green ACRE has the ability to attract and retain a wide and varied client base, including the following:

  • Schools 
  • Hospitals 
  • Residential Reticulation 
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Department of Public Works 
  • Local & District Municipalities 
  • Commercial Industries 
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Green ACRE Construction

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We aspire to become one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in Africa. We solve all needs from the smallest construction and civil engineering projects to extremely large and complex construction works as well as infrastructure projects.

The project team maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. A company-wide policy encouraging shared performance responsibility which in turn ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken.


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